NEW DWELLING – Tewkesbury
Stanley Partnership Architects visited their Clients site in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire site and photographed the progress made by the Client/Contractor for the new dwelling. The build is continuing well with a tidy and well organised site and team. The shell of the building is complete with the glazing to be installed to make the structure weather tight in the next two weeks. Once installe the build with quickly progress with second fix and joinery and sanitary fit-outs.


IMG_6794 (4) IMG_6839 (4) IMG_6841 (4) IMG_6843 (4) IMG_6844 (4) IMG_6799 (4) IMG_6801 (4) IMG_6805 (4) IMG_6807 (4) IMG_6814 (4) IMG_6815 (4) IMG_6818 (4) IMG_6825 (4) IMG_6826 (4) IMG_6828 (4) IMG_6829 (4) IMG_6831 (4) IMG_6834 (4) IMG_6823 (4) IMG_6810 (4)

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